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our promises


Our services will be relevant and accessible to people throughout their lives


Ambition and resilience will be cornerstones of our students’ sustainable success


We will encourage open communication - enabling all in our communities to flourish.

Future proofed

We will anticipate new career opportunities and target these priority skills


Our evidence-based decisions will deliver value for money for everyone we serve


Our responsibility will combine ethical practices with a focus on social and economic priorities

our core values

WHC Group employees at all levels embrace five core values which are key to our success.  The values are evident through the behaviours, qualities and skills displayed by our teams and are part of the day to day operations of the College Group.

1.    Communication
2.    Enterprise and Excellence
3.    Teamwork
4.    Customer and Community Focus
5.    Respect and Integrity


Take a look down below at the values we strive to uphold at WHC Group.


  • Communicates clearly and understands the importance of effective communication

  • Uses appropriate methods of communication (face to face, e-mails, telephone, letters)

  • Understands the impact of body language and its appropriate use in any situation

  • Shows sensitivity and diplomacy when handling confidential information

  • Consistently works to improve communications across the College

enterprise and excellence

  • Relentless drive to improve performance and the quality of services through new, innovative and more effective ways of working

  • Shows commitment and consistently strives to achieve excellence at an individual, team and College level

  • Role model for enterprise and innovation, sharing knowledge and experience with others internally and externally

  • Demonstrates a ‘can do’ outcome focused attitude and approach, is resourceful and works to find solutions

  • Recognises the importance of continuous personal development in delivering the College aims and objectives


  • Develops and maintains good working relationships with all colleagues

  • Demonstrates a flexible, reliable and supportive approach to colleagues, embedding a culture of trust

  • Communicates effectively within the team and understands the impact of their actions on colleagues

  • Takes ownership of collective team objectives and understands their individual contribution to whole service delivery

  • Seeks opportunities to collaborate and work as part of the wider College team

customer and community focus

  • Demonstrates high levels of professionalism and customer service

  • Strives to understand the short and long term needs of the customer and community

  • Continually seeks feedback which is placed at the heart of all decision making to meet the needs of individuals and groups

  • Shows determination in removing barriers and is proactive in resolving issues and complaints in a timely manner

  • Generates ideas to improve satisfaction levels, balanced within the College policy and resource boundaries

respect and integrity

  • Demonstrates high standards of personal, professional and ethical behaviour

  • Displays respect and empathy for others and is consistent, open and honest

  • Exhibits self-reflection and understands their impact on others

  • Treats people equally, values difference and promotes inclusivity, fairness

  • Always acts with dignity and promotes the values of the College

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