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About us

At WHCGroup, we are a community of four campuses spread across two counties, putting the success and welfare of our students at the forefront of everything we do.

Our two colleges, West Herts and Barnfield College, work together to ensure our high standards are consistent across all sites and in every department.

The group comprises of two campuses in Hertfordshire, and a further two sites in the heart of Luton, all connected by the M1, and well-served by local transport. Since the merger, West Herts College and Barnfield College have closely aligned practices to foster a shared ethos, ensuring a consistent student-focused approach across the group.

Our devotion to success is not just limited to that of our students, but also extends to the personal and professional development of our staff. We place a strong emphasis on staff development, as well as lifelong learning.

Education and self-improvement are at the core of everything we do. Despite being a large community of students, parents and staff members, we are proud of the warm and welcoming atmosphere that you will find at all of our campuses.

student first approach

Here at WHCGroup, we place the student experience at the heart of our college ethos, providing the very best environment in which students can develop the knowledge and life skills to thrive in an increasingly competitive global market. 

We place a great importance on our staff and our recruitment process, so as to ensure that we can continue to deliver this shared goal, and that we remain an organisation to which its staff are proud to belong, and potential applicants are excited to join.  

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